Social Determinants of Health/Care Coordination for Community

The NCHE today offers Chronic Care Management and Care Coordination solutions to vulnerable, at-risk communities from Communities of Color in the inner city, the elderly, and socioeconomically disadvantaged and other vulnerable populations.

Targeted, Appropriate, & Culturally Relevant

We provide targeted, appropriate, culturally relevant care coordination with the use of technology, processes and advocacy across communities that we engage with.

We offer a turnkey end-to-end closed loop referral management platform that can tie together health systems, hospitals and clinics with social services, behavioral health and substance use disorder and other community supports.

Better Outcomes & Lower Health Care Costs

Our care coordination offerings can support Medicaid, Medicare and other payers’ goals to ensure a 360-degree view of patient needs.

Creating a whole-person care paradigm that leads to better outcomes for both the patient and clinic, as well as lowering healthcare costs over time.

Our care navigators can work with our communities to ensure community members find the programs, services and care they need ongoing.

Incorporating the holistic nature of the social determinants of health National Center for Health Equity strives to achieve for community members the following:

Access to health care

Behavioral & Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder services

Economic stability

Social & Community Supports

Access to Education & Training

Capitalize on flexible, locally focused, multicultural sensitive CCM services via a true-team-based approach.

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