The National Center for Health Equity provides turnery, innovative cloud solutions compliant with Medicare and select Medicaid states powering its Chronic Care Management and Care Coordination solutions. This platform includes the ability to rapidly activate referral networks for both medical and mental health as well as well as community and social service providers.

Research Matching

National Center for Health Equity technology solutions support the matching of research studies and clinical trials with community and individual patient need. With our software partners, we are developing ways to make clinical trials a care option for patients that can benefit from novel, advanced therapies. Our referral management platform affords clinics, care managers and patients access to appropriate clinical trials, streamlining referrals and integrating clinical trial participation into individualized care programs. We are committed to health equity, giving disadvantages communities access to the most advanced research.

Care Coordination

By utilizing our cloud-based, closed-loop referral, collaboration and care management platform, the National Center for Health Equity integrates formerly siloed aspects of health care, creating win-win opportunities for proactive care, plus all the necessary documentation to make care tracking and coordination adhere ongoing to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid compliance requirements. Our solutions also provide supporting functions such as research participation, data tracking and turnkey Medicare Chronic Care Management billing support.

Community-driven and focused on the patient.

As the organization grows, we will continue to explore targeted partnerships for additional enabling technologies. Contact us to learn more.

Our Solution

The ability to configure workflows, forms, referral support scenarios, reporting, and more.

Enabled via the Amazon Web Services Healthcare cloud; the National Center for Health Equity ensures world-class, scalable, robust, and extensible technology platform.

With a dedication to data fluidity, data sharing, and seamless exchange of relevant client information, along with the necessary adherence and support to HIPAA and other privacy concerns, we employ the use of open APIs to ensure seamless integration as necessary with health information systems, social services platforms, and electronic medical records.

High-quality, purpose-built, compliance-supporting health, behavioral and mental health, and social services-focused technology platforms and solutions.